The 3 Unturned Server Modes

Are you bored of collecting resources, crafting items or grinding for hours, only to lose everything you have accumulated to a zombie attack?!

We have all been there and it can be frustrating playing sandbox games as they require so much effort and commitment in the early stages of an Unturned game.

Unturned Corridor

However, you can skip all the grinding if you choose to play a different game-mode.

Survival mode is the default game-mode on brand new servers but you can easily change this by configuring your settings.

This can be done on locally hosted servers and private servers but the process will vary depending on what method you are using.

The 3 Official Unturned Server Mods Explained

The three built in Unturned server modes include:

Arena Mode

Unturned Waiting In Battle Royale

It’s the typical Battle Royale mode such as Fornite and PUBG.

Players will randomly spawn in different locations and will have to fight to the death until only one player remains.

At the start of the round a circled area will be highlighted in yellow.

This is the safe area that players will finish the game in.

As time progresses a white circle around the map will start to enclose until it reaches the yellow highlighted area.

Players outside of the white lines will take damage until they are either or dead or have left the area.

Once the yellow circle has been reached this process will start again and a new yellow circle will appear in another location.

In order to survive, players will have to search the map for weapons and equipment.

Fists have been disable in this mode so you will definitely need to find a weapon if you want to win the game.

The last player standing is the winner.

Note: There are currently five maps that have been released by the Unturned developer, these include PEI Arena, Paintball Arena, Cyprus Arena, Alpha Valley and Monolith.


Deathmatch Mode

Deathmatch is currently the only “custom game-mode” available for download, with one playable map called Dango.

The Deathmatch server mode is similar to the Arena mode but offers gamer’s a slightly different experience.

Instead of last man standing all players have the ability to continually spawn in the game after they have been killed.

There are no lobbies so players will just join a continuously running game.

Players will spawn with weapons, ammo, clothes and loot which will change randomly.

Although there are weapons scattered around the map that players can pick up.

These weapons are the higher tier weapons so it’s worth looking for them.

Horde Mode

Zombie Horde Mode

Horde mode is a game mode in which players have to continually fight waves of zombies until all players have been defeated.

All players spawn in at the start of the game and have one life.

In order to survive players will need to buy equipment that can be obtained by spending points.

Points are earned by killing zombies or boss zombies known as “Mega Zombies”.

You will need to spend the points at the buy nodes that are scattered around the area.

All players will start with a 1911 pistol and three rounds of 1911 ammunition.

The ammo will run out very quickly so make sure you have enough points to upgrade as soon as possible.

Note: Statuses including Food, Water and Immunity have been removed as they are not used during the horde mode.

Switching Game-Mode

If you want to play any of the game modes specified in this article you will first need to change the settings within your game files.

If you’re running your server locally you can find a guide for it here.

Alternatively if you’re running a server with a third party hosting company you will need to access the settings from the company’s control panel.

If your unsure how to do this get in contact with your provider as they should either change the game-mode for you or give you a guide that explains the process.

Note: Only players running a server have the ability to change the game type. If you don’t currently have a server read my article “Choosing an Unturned server hosting provider.” It’s an in-depth guide about choosing the perfect server for your Unturned community.