How To Install Unturned Server Mods

Mod installation for Unturned servers is slightly different to most games.

In order to install mods you will first need to download them to your PC and then copy across the files into the server directory.

Unturned Screenshot

This may sound confusing but it’s really very simple if you follow my three stage installation guide.

Please Note: This guide applies to both locally and privately hosted servers. However some file locations may be different depending on your download settings. The guide was intended for users using a default setup.

Stage 1 – Select your server mods

You first need to select the mods that you want to be installed onto your server by:

  1. Start by opening the steam client on your PC or laptop.
  2. Find the option “Community” and hover over it with your mouse, a drop down menu will appear, you will need to select the “Workshop” option.
  3. Once you have opened the workshop you will next need to search for Unturned. A drop down option should appear with Unturned as an option. Select it.
  4. You will now be shown a list of the top mods that people have been downloading for their servers. You can either choose to find a specific mod or scroll through the different menus to find a mod you would like to try. Mods include maps, skins, new weapons and more.
  5. Once you have selected the mod, you will need to subscribe to the mod page and your download will then start. You can view the progress of the download at the bottom of the steam client or in the download section.

Stage 2 – Locate and zip the mods

Next up is to zip up the mods ready for upload:

  1. Once your download has finished you will need to find the folder it was allocated too. First open up your documents and find the steam directory. If you didn’t make any changes to your steam download it should be located at the following: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam.”
  2. Please Note: If you have changed the file location manually it will be saved in a different location.
  3. The directory location will be \SteamApps\workshops\content\304930.
  4. Within the 304930 folder you will find all of the Unturned mods that you have just downloaded. You will need to zip up each of the folders that you want to upload to your server.

Stage 3 – Install the mods to your server

Now you need to upload your chosen mods to the server for them to become active:

  1. Next you will need to open your server control panel and access the File Manager section.
  2. Open the folder named Bundles folder, then open up the folder called Workshop.
  3. There should be two separate options within this folder named contents and maps. Upload modded maps to the maps folder and everything else to the content folder.
  4. Next upload all of the files that you have downloaded on to your PC containing the mods and extract them from each of the zip files. Once you have extracted all of the files close everything done and restart the server.
  5. Once the server loads up again you will need to check that the mods have successfully loaded. If you can see the option “Addons” on the server screen, you have completed the installation. The mods should now appear within your game but it’s best to log in to the server and see if the changes have applied to your world.

Mod Support by Private Hosting Companies

If you’re struggling to add mods to your server you should ask your dedicated server provider for help.

95% of Unturned server hosting companies will support you with your server every step of the way, this includes installing mods.

Server Modding Supported

Simply open up a support ticket within their hosting platform and ask them for mod support.

If you’re setting up a Unturned server locally and still need more help it’s worth searching YouTube for additional mod install guides.

Still Stuck?

If you’re hosting a server locally and you’re still struggling to set up mods on your server I would suggest renting a dedicated server from a game server provider.

For as little as $6 a month you can have a server with 24 hour access and expert support that will sort all the server issues and upload mods for you.

Check out my “How To Choose The Cheapest Unturned Server Hosting” article for the best and cheapest hosting companies around the globe.

My Suggested Unturned Server Mods (BONUS)

If you’re looking for a few new mods to play here are some of my favorite mods that I have used on my Unturned server in 2020.