Unturned Console Release 2020

Unturned LogoUnturned was released in early 2014 and has solely been a PC exclusive. However it has recently been revealed that Unturned will now be available on both Xbox one and the PS4 in the Autumn.

Fans of the series have been speculating over a console release for the last couple of years and it’s great to finally see that it’s being launched with the intention of expanding its current audience.

The game has been taken on by FunLabs and 505 Games. There will be no major changes in the game but the studio will be responsible for the porting of it to console.

Is it worth buying on console?

If you’re a fan of Unturned or haven’t had the chance to play it because you don’t own a PC then yes, it is totally worth purchasing and playing this game.

It’s been a huge indie title and has had a strong following from a loyal community since day one.

Unturned Screenshot

The game however is FREE to play on Steam with the option of paying a one-off $5 fee for some unlockable content.

The paid content is not necessary but many players buy it in order to support the creator of the game.

The console version will not be free to play with the latest news speculating that the console version will be released at $24.99.

So, based on this, I wouldn’t recommend buying the game on console if you already have it on PC.

You’re not gaining anything extra and the console version will probably be a lot more limited than the PC version, this is usually the case with PC to console ports.

Joining the console beta

It was announced early August that a beta was open for Xbox One players to join and trial Unturned for the first time on console.

Unturned Console Beta

505 Games went on record asking players not share game footage or screenshots of the game as it was still in development.

This could mean that the team may be adding extra content to the game or they could just be trying to spot any potential bugs on the port before release.

If your interested in participating in the open BETA you can by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to your profile and launch the Xbox Insider App (If you don’t already have this app you will need to download it from the Xbox store first.)
  2. Search for the following (Insider content > Games > Unturned Beta.)
  3. Next Select the Join Button to confirm this action.
  4. Once you have confirmed your application the registration will be complete and Xbox will automatically direct you back to the store. From here you will be able to download the “Unturned Beta.”

Please Note: That the BETA may have closed if you are reading this later than August 2020.

Can you host a server on the console version?

Currently as of writing this article there isn’t any information about server hosting the Unturned console versions.

Other ports like ARK: Survival Evolved waited many years before they were able to give players access to private server hosting and this could well be the case for Unturned too.

Unturned Landscape Screenshot

It’s more than likely Xbox Live and the PS4 Network will host the servers and will require players to have signed up for their live subscriptions in order to play with friends over the internet.

It’s a bit annoying seeing as you can get the game and a server free of charge on the PC version but this is one of the big differences between console and PC gaming.

However it may happen in the future, we just haven’t heard anything from 505 Games or FunLabs.

Why you would want your own private server

Setting up your own server allows you to mod your Unturned game and invite players without having to pay a monthly subscription like Xbox live.

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However you do have the option on PC to set up a third party server which is managed by a dedicated host.

This of course will be taken over by Sony and Microsoft.

If you’d like to know more about Unturned server hosting check out my article “How To choose a Unturned Hosting Company” where I explain what a server is and how to choose the right hosting company for you and your friends.


So is it worth buying Unturned when it comes out on console? I’d personally say no because I have played Unturned on the PC for years.

The $24.99 price tag doesn’t seem worth paying when I can play it for free. However I can see a lot of new players picking the game up who are console gamers and can’t play it because they do not have a gaming PC.

It really depends on you as the player, you may decide you want to buy it just to support the developers or to have it on the console.

The game was very popular when it was released on PC and I can ultimately see it doing very well on console too. Though I feel that this release is more aimed at a new target audience rather than existing players.