How To Choose An Unturned Hosting Provider

Unturned LogoFinding a reasonably priced and high performance Unturned server can be a long winded task if you don’t know where to start.

Renting a server is quicker and easier than doing it yourself and can be completely customizable to all your gaming needs so is a great option to get straight to the action of your game.

The Most Important Things To Look For

Here are some tips on what to look for in a server provider and how to make sure you are getting a good deal when it comes to their packages.


Choosing the suitable location can make a vast difference in your game play. If you’re looking to set up an Unturned server for either yourself or for your friends then selecting a location that works for you locally will maintain better speed, less lag and overall boosted performance.

Server Locations Example

If your friends are scattered across the world I would suggest choosing a location that is central to all of you. Most companies will provide a list on their website of the locations where their servers are.

Other companies may have this option during the order process making it harder to find out when researching.

When playing online multiplayer games the goal should be minimal lag so you should look out for this when first choosing your provider to avoid disappointment, ask if you and your friends are able to join a test server in your preferred location.

If you’re in contact with players online and are discussing creating a server, check with them to see where most of the players are located before setting up your server.

The majority of server hosts will allow you to switch server locations provided that they offer a server in that specific location.

Once you have made a decision about which server hosting has the best locations for you and your friends it’s then advised to look into what features they include, and what customization they will allow to suit your needs.


The volume of processing power you receive from your game server host is usually dictated by the number of slots you choose to allocate when purchasing.

When you add more slots that usually means an overall rise in the price, but at a lower cost per slot. Depending on what type of game-play you want will vary on how many slots you will need to purchase.

Server Size Example

If you want to build a larger Unturned world or have a larger friend group that plays together then you’ll want to find a server host that has a higher slot capacity.

You will get much more value for money with a provider who offers a package of the more slots you purchase then the cheaper the price is per slot.

Don’t forget you can always add more slots at a later date if you need to. If you’re only running a casual Unturned server then its best to start with the lowest amount of slots available which can be found on my homepage.

Control panel

All game server hosting companies provide a control panel in which you can access all settings, passwords, backups and game configurations.

TCAdmin Screenshot

The standard TCAdmin panel is the usual go to feature that most hosts will provide. It is user friendly and simple to use making it a huge positive to choosing a server host over making your own.

Specialized or larger game hosts will provide more options, which some are customized specifically for Unturned. You can schedule tasks and use in server messages to multiple servers all at the same time making it quick and effective.


It’s never worth the risk in not saving your backups of your world especially if you are running a larger player base.

Usually all Unturned server hosting companies will let you backup or restore your world when needed.

Check Provider Offer Backups

For extra assurance, look into whether your chosen host provides regular backups or automatically backs up your server every time you restart your game.

DDoS protection

Distributed Denial of Service attacks (known in short as DDoS) are attacks that are a malicious attempt to disrupt your game play and can be very frustrating.

Therefore finding a host that provides protection against this is paramount.

DDoS Protection Example

DDoS protection should be provided by a host as a standard, and it is used by hosts to protect themselves as much as it is to protect you, but some hosts don’t provide this service so that should be something you should keep an eye out for.

If you intend on playing with a larger base of players or especially if you have marketed it to a growing following, DDoS protection is essential!

Reviews & feedback

When doing your research into Unturned server hosting providers reading reviews and feedback from previous or current customers is an immediate way of grasping whether a company is any good for your needs. Trustpilot

If you are searching for an exact feature or customization then the reviews and feedback will be a great way to see if your potential server host is providing what they claim.

The customer reviews will usually describe the speed of the server, any features or downfalls they may have endured during their use of the service.

So, before making any purchases check the host has everything you need for your gaming needs and that they are a reputable company that will also provide support and assistance if needed.

Refund policy

Before committing to a server hosting provider I would always recommend asking if they will create a test server for you to trial out.

Money Back Example

They won’t openly advertise this service on their website. If you contact them directly 9 times out of 10 they will be happy to assist and provide this to gain you as a new customer. If this isn’t available then you should be aware of the companies refund policy most companies will offer a refund if requested from you within 1 – 7 days of purchasing.

Others providers state that they do not offer refunds in any case apart from extreme circumstances. After checking for this and you’re still unsure of what their refund policy is, then I would advise googling the company and refund policy to see if any other previous customer has had the same experience and what the company did for them.


In conclusion renting an Unturned server isn’t as difficult as it may first seem. If you follow all of the advice written in this article you are guaranteed to find the right host for you. Here is a quick summary of all the areas that have been covered:

  • Location – Choose the nearest available.
  • Slots – Buy only the amount you need.
  • Control Panel – Will you be using TCadmin or a custom panel.
  • Backups – Can this be done manually or is it done automatically.
  • DDoS Protection – Is it provided with your package.
  • Reviews – Check Unturned forums, TrustPilot and the steam community.
  • Refund – Can you get your money back if something goes wrong.

If you’re looking for more information about Unturned server hosting check out the main homepage of this website where I list the cheapest but best reviewed providers.