8 Tips For New Unturned Players

Unturned LogoStaying alive can be a very challenging task if you don’t have any previous experience.

Dying in Unturned can be a pain if you have collected lots of weapons and resources only to lose them when you have to re-spawn again. In order to help you stay alive I have created a helpful 8 tip guide to improve your survival skills.

My 8 Tips For New Unturned Players List

1. Spawn near a town

Spawning in the right location can be the difference between survival and death. Being near the right resources and having access to buildings for safety is essential.

If you’re looking for an easy way to spawn in a good location you can choose to commit suicide in the game. Every time you die you will re-spawn in a new location. So my advice is to spawn into the game and look for a town within seeing distance.

Unturned Town Screenshot

If you can not see a town, commit suicide and re-spawn. Continue this process until you have spawned near a town. This will give you early access to chests and loot inside town buildings.

2. Use a backpack

At the start of the game you will only be able to hold four items in your inventory. Acquiring a backpack will increase the amount of inventory slots you have.

There are multiple bags that can be found and crafted including a school bag, knapsack and an animal pack. Each bag has a different amount of slots so keep picking up every bag you find.

3. Join your friends server

If you’re new to Unturned you should join your friends servers if they also play the game. Playing with your friends can greatly improve your chances of survival as it’s always best to have someone watch your back.

Unturned Server Hosting Example

If your friends don’t have a server but you want to start your own server you should consider reading my other article “How to choose a Unturned hosting company”.

4. Eliminate all zombies

Unturned ZombieWhen you find a town or location you should always be wary of your surroundings. Mobs will be hiding in buildings and will follow you until you either out run them or kill them.

In order to make your life a little easier you should always focus on taking out zombies one at a time. Don’t group zombies up as this will end in disaster.

Once you have cleared a town and checked all buildings you can safely search the surroundings. Don’t forget that new zombies will re-spawn in cleared locations the next day. Repeat the process every-time you come to a new location.

5. Level up

Leveling up will make it much easier to survive. There are a total of 8 skills that can help improve your strength, your survival skills and even reduce your hunger and hydration meters.

Here is a list of all of the skills that you can unlock.


If you want to sprint longer, jump higher and use more strength based attacks you can improve your endurance to give you extra energy.


This is the best skill to level up first as it will improve your hunger and thirst stats.


Warrior improves your melee damage.


This skill will improve your weapon proficiency, reduce the weapon recoil on all firearms and improve long range accuracy. You should choose this skill once you have gathered plenty of weapons.


Sneakybeaky will make it much easier to surprise zombies, animals and other players by allowing you to sneak up on them more effectively. You can reduce your walking and sprinting noise and even become 100% silent at the max level.

This skill is a must for any players that like to sneak around towns. Stealth isn’t necessary but can greatly improve your survival.


You can improve the growth of trees and boulder spawn times by 1 with this skill. In my opinion this is one of the worst skills.


You can reduce the amount of sickness you take from rotten food and zombie attacks. This skill is great if chosen at the start as it will allow you to use mouldy food more effectively.

Food can often be in short supply so make the most of your rotten food.


This skill allows you to craft higher tier recipes. It’s best to unlock this skill mid game as it is one least useful skill at the start and end of the game.

6. Create a Shelter

Having a location to call your home can bring many advantages. You can store your items, stay safe at night and protect yourself from enemies from a well crafted base.

Unturned Shelter

You can either choose to create a base from scratch, set up a base in town or use an abandoned farm.

Create a base

If you want to create a base you will need to harvest resources in order to make building materials.

It can be very time consuming creating a base but you can create it as big and as well protected as you like. However keep in mind that crafted bases can be destroyed by other players and zombies

Have a base in town

Choosing a base in a static building is a great idea for new players looking to save resources. Static buildings cannot be destroyed and there are loads of previously generated buildings in town to choose from.

Live on a farm

Farm houses are perfect for players that want to avoid zombie hordes. Farms are known for low spawn rates and often have plenty of places to hide.

Farms usually generate between cities as well which is an added bonus.

7. Hunt wildlife

Animals can be used as a food source and you will often find animals scattered around the wild that are waiting to be hunted. Using a bow and arrow is the best way to hunt animals as the bow is the easiest weapon to find.

Unturned Wildlife

Once you have killed the animal you can cook it and eat if for a health boost. If you eat it raw you can lose health and become sick, so make sure you cook the meat first.

Food can be cooked on a campfire or a chef’s grill that can be found on beaches.

8. Protect yourself at night

Night time will spawn more mobs that will make traversing the world a lot harder. At the start of the game it’s best to stay in a safe house or a building that you have cleared of zombies.

If you’re going to avoid exploring at night make sure you have enough supplies to last the night. Stock up on food, water and medical supplies and wait till morning.

Unturned Nighttime

If you have to go out a night make sure you have enough supplies, weapons and protection to fight zombies.

New players are not advised to go out at night. Advanced players will often use the night for raiding.

You can get plenty of good gear sneaking up on other players on your server. However don’t forget that other players and zombies could sneak up on you so always remain vigilant.